Do you have a new baby? We explore what it is like to be a new parent to a new baby and discuss lots of topics you might never have though of before!

We can’t wait to see you adventurers! It’s going to be over a year after our business was forced to close for the first time which is incredibly sad to be honest. We are thrilled to be back with our face to face sensory storytelling classes from April 12th! We know first-hand how difficult it can be with a new baby or toddler through lockdown. Not being able to access all of the baby and toddler groups, friends or other support usually available during your maternity leave. Our inboxes have gone crazy with excited parents and babies who would like to join our classes then. To make sure you are first to be told about spaces on our Adventure Babies sensory storytelling courses in April have a read below.

1. We will be prioritising any customers who had their courses disrupted first. If your course was postponed please be patient. We have lots of customers to contact but your class leader will be in contact to let you know the plans for restarting.

2. The second group of parents offered spaces will be people who are booked on to a register your interest space. Please see your local Adventure Babies page and book register your interest space when this becomes available.

3. The third way of grabbing a space on one of our baby classes is through our general waiting list. Please join here

4. The last way to hear about our spaces is through our social media. Please follow our pages and engage with our posts to be the first one to see when classes are bookable in your local area.

5. Your friends! If your friends are telling you that a course is available to book you had better be quick if you would like the same time or location as them as we have very limited numbers!

There you have it. The five ways to get your baby booked onto Adventure Babies sensory storytelling baby classes from April 12th! The other thing I am massively looking forward to is getting my hair cut!

We can’t wait to see you all soon.

Big Love Emma x
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Help your baby sleep through the night

A hot topic for all new parents! The million-dollar question for most new parents is “When will my baby sleep through the night?” Being a new parent is an exciting but exhausting journey and most new parents are desperate to know what is normal for a baby in terms of sleep and how can you help them to sleep better? Just remember that sleep is a developmental process and sleep needs change at different stages of development so even if you are feeling exhausted this stage will change and things will move on. Progressive lengthening of sleep periods and their shifts to night-time sleeping begins in the first 6 months of your baby’s life.


Body clock

Try to get your baby used to the rhythms of day and night-time. Even from day one try to make a distinguished difference by making sure the lights are on or curtains open during the day time with lots of background noise and action. During the night-time keep noise and lights to a minimum, don’t talk to your baby when feeding or changing them during night-time waking’s either.


Again, try to establish some kind of routine as early as possible. I don’t mean strict timetables; I always fed my baby when they were hungry although if that suits you go for it. I think with a newborn baby having a pattern of events is really helpful in them knowing what happens next. For example, I would always try to follow a feed, change nappy and play pattern adding in a bath time, massage and story before the bedtime change and feed. Hopefully your baby will learn that this means a longer sleep is in order. When they woke through the night, I always fed mine.


Manipulate sleep patterns

The goal that we are working towards here is longer stretches of sleep happening at night. Lengthen the last waking before bedtime and watch out for long afternoon naps. It always feels so good at the time, but you will pay for it!

Approach ‘Night waking’s’ with caution

Sometimes when babies ‘wake up’ at night we just need to learn to leave them for longer so that they can self sooth and drop back off to sleep. Now I was always guilty of jumping in too soon because as a new mum with a new baby I was on high alert. Any whimpering of your new baby sounds like a foghorn at 4 in the morning and I always worried that the neighbours would be woken so I jumped to attention and fed my baby but actually allowing them a few minutes to see if they are really awake gives them the chance to settle themselves and transition into the next stage of sleep.

Be flexible

Don’t put yourself under too much pressure. Your baby will sleep through the night one day. A tired anxious mum isn’t going to give off relaxing and sleep-inducing vibes so if you aren’t getting enough sleep try to look for creative ways to give yourself a break using the resources you have.  Accept help from partners, family and friends. Can your partner temporarily change their hours so that they can take over in the morning for a couple of hours and start work a little later?


So, it sounds so easy! To enjoy restful restorative night’s sleep, you will need a bit of observation, a bit of trial and error, a lot of flexibility and some luck. I would really recommend tuning out the unhelpful comparisons too and remember that with a baby things change pretty quickly so if you feel that your baby isn’t a brilliant sleeper it doesn’t mean that you are fated this forever! Join an Adventure Babies class and meet other mums with similar aged babies who will be going through the same things as you. 


How to enjoy a Covid Christmas with your new baby


Christmas is going to be different this year. Here are our top tips for new parents to help you enjoy this Christmas period with your new baby. Fewer social engagements and less time with extended family are going to be hard for many, it’s also a great chance to try something new and as new parents establish some of your own traditions for your baby’s first Christmas.


Becoming a parent in 2020 means you might have had less help and support, becoming parents is hard at the best of times so please make sure you give yourself the break you deserve. This is a great year to try new traditions.  If you don’t fancy cooking order a takeaway. If you don’t fancy cleaning, treat yourself to a pre or post Christmas cleaner.  Try your best to enlist the people you are with to make sure that you have time for yourself, to recoup and recharge, ready for next year. Spend some time thinking about what you would like to enjoy and I promise your baby will benefit from a happy, well rested parent.



Enjoy the fact that there is less pressure to run around taking your baby and all the equipment they need to several different houses over this festive period. Often essential things are forgotten, babies are tired, routines are non existent, sleeping in unfamiliar places, long car journeys and being passed from one long lost relative to the next. This can all add up to a tiring and stressful Christmas for new babies and new parents. Being in one place will be so much more relaxing. You will know where everything is and know that your baby won’t be missing anything essential.



Christmas is a fantastic sensory experience for babies. Make the most of decorating your house, maybe decorate a window for others in your community to enjoy. Wrap up warm and take your baby out in a sling to look at all of the lovely lights. You could try making a playlist to sing along to with your baby.  Ask each member of your family to suggest a song and tell you why they have chosen it. There are endless opportunities to  explore sights, smells, sounds, tastes and textures at Christmas time. You will put a smile on your baby’s face and make some magical moments which is what Christmas as a new parent is all about really.



Scale back, lower expectations, save money and decide on a game plan for what is important to you. Don’t think that you have to do everything this year. Are you excited about festive food, learning new recipes and trying new things or are you going to spend your time catching up with friends and family on Zoom? Is it about giving special gifts to those you can’t see this year or are you in need of some time, headspace and self care? It is very easy to say yes to far too many exciting things at Christmas but one positive of this year is that it will be easier to say no meaning you don’t become overfrazzled.



Take the time to consider the amazing achievement of the past year. Not only have you brought a brand new human into the world but you have survived a pandemic and many other challenges i’m sure! Lockdown has been so hard for parents of babies, toddlers and pre school children for so many reasons but you have done amazingly! We know it is an incredible and memorable year when you become a new parent.


Christmas is a time for families to come together and it will be difficult this year not being able to do that. There will be many years ahead to celebrate with your family so we have focused on the positives of enjoying a quieter first Christmas with your new baby.


Fancy finding your nearest class or joining our social community here 


Here at Adventure Babies we are embracing a new normal for baby classes. We know how important it is for new parents to get out and about. We also know how much you care about keeping your young family safe. Safety is an important consideration when attending a baby classes. Here are 5 things we are doing to make sure Adventure Babies sensory storytelling classes are Covid secure.


Reduced capacity

We can accommodate a smaller number than usual to our baby classes. This means that gaining a space might be trickier than usual. I recommend booking early and contacting your local Adventure Mama to pop your name on the waiting list if all the spaces are sold out.

Change in layout 

Our layout has changed to ensure that everybody is distanced the whole time. You will have a large matted area all for you and your baby and you can easily access everything you need without coming into contact with anybody else.


We have been working extra hard at Adventure Babies. Everything you or your baby will touch during our baby class has been sanitised and nobody else has touched it.


Despite being distanced at classes and our Adventure Mamas will wear visors to ensure an extra level of safety as they are the ones who will be talking most during the sessions. We are also following government guidance for adults wearing masks within community spaces.


We have slowly started making classes available for toddlers although we were not able to do this initially so if you have or know a toddler who would like to join us please contact your nearest Adventure Mama


As you can see if you have been to our baby classes before things look very different! We have all been working incredible hard behind the scenes to find a way to bring our classes to new parents who may have been without baby classes throughout lockdown. The feedback from parents has been fantastic and we are so happy to be able to see your lovely faces again. Please get in touch if you would like to join us or have any questions 🙂


What makes a great baby class?


As a new parent with a new baby how do you know which baby class is the best one to go for? With so much choice, what factors should you consider important when making this important decision? As a baby class franchisor, class leader and parent I have made a list of my top 5 to help you.


  1. Logistics

Is the class in a place that you can easily attend each week? Does the venue have a carpark or will you be walking? Is there a café nearby to meet up with your new mum friends before or afterwards? The best places have easy access in venues with parking and cafes nearby. Having a baby is tricky at the best of times. Why add a complicated journey or difficult timings to your life when you don’t have to?

  1. Safety

In a world of Covid this is even more important than usual. Your baby is infinitely precious to you. This may be one of the first places that you take them, and it can feel daunting to start with. Check that the venue being used is Covid secure and that your baby class leader has a robust risk assessment updated to include Covid secure rules in place to keep themselves, parents and babies safe.  As you will most likely be sitting on the floor with your baby venues need to be spotless, particularly the floor and toilets. Do the class providers have the correct insurance?

  1. Quality

Are the classes run by a reputable provider who has taken part in baby development training and teaching or coaching training? This will mean that your classes will be taught by a professional and experienced teacher following lesson plans designed to meet the needs of your baby at each stage of their development. It also means that all resources and activities are safe for your baby to explore at their stage of development and therefore you can relax and enjoy the experience.

  1. Variety

Does the baby class you are thinking of attending include many different elements or is it one session of the same thing? Do they focus on language and communication development, physical development, sensory stimulation or all of these things? The best classes to begin with will include a mixture of all of the above aimed for the specific age of your baby.

  1. Communication

In order to find out all of the information that I mentioned you will need to be able to communicate well with the person or group running your classes. If you are going to be paying for a baby class, you may understandably have some questions before you sign up. Do they have an informative website? Do they have a facebook or Instagram page? Can you email or message the person running your classes directly and do they respond to you? A friendly and caring class leader will make sure that you have the best time at the class and also support you as a new parent to make mum and dad friends who can support you on your parenting journey.


So as you can see there is a lot more to picking a baby class than you might have thought but by making a considered decision you will have amazing fun and bonding times with your baby, meet loads of new mum friends, gain support in the development of your baby and make countless memories.


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At what age should I start bringing my baby to Adventure Babies?
Hi New Mum,
I hope you are ok. You have just been through the most crazy, weird, demanding, rewarding and emotional experience of your life! Well done warrior woman. I salute you.
People attend our baby classes for many different reasons. Some people are excited to get out of the house from day one, riding high on the endorphins and superwoman vibe that sometimes accompanies creating a small human. We are here for you. Some are desperate for mum friends sensing that the support network they make in our groups will help them with the other overwhelming feelings of anxiety, isolation and depression that can creep up on new mums. We are here for you. Some are not ready to join groups until their babies are a bit older. We are still here for you. 
  • No baby is too young to join in at Adventure babies, we welcome babies from newborn and have a special group for our non mobile youngest adventurers.
  • As soon as you feel ready to leave the house and meet other mum and dad friends is the best time to join our classes. The benefits of getting out and about are not just for your baby.
  • Whatever you choose to do Adventure Babies are here for you, we have classes for non moving tiny babies, bigger mobile babies and toddlers with activities designed to meet their different developmental needs.
  • From even their first month babies are developing at a fast rate. Our new baby classes are very gentle but include a wealth of activities required to support their development right from day one.

Take care new mama, you are doing amazingly, we look forward to meeting your baby when you are ready.

Come and say hi on our supportive facebook group 🙂

Emma x