Sensory Storytelling Baby Classes

Take your newborn baby on an adventure
with our multi award winning sensory storytelling baby classes.

We bring brilliant books to life through gentle sensory stimulation to support all round development and help your baby to fall in love with books & reading.

Every activity in our baby classes is planned by Early Years experts and linked to the Early Years Framework for your baby’s stage of development. Adventure Babies baby classes support your baby in the best way possible for their all round development.

Our baby classes are also a great chance to make mum or dad friends with babies of a similar age and you never know, you or your baby might end up making lifelong friends!

Sensory Storytelling Toddler Classes

Are you a parent of a bigger baby, toddler or pre-schooler?

Would you like a toddler class that covers everything in one place?

Are you looking for a multi award winning toddler class which is highly interactive, fun, supports every aspect of your child’s development and welcomes you into a lively positive community of mums and dads run by friendly, welcoming early years professionals?

Our Adventure Babies Sensory Storytelling classes are for you!

Why Sensory Storytelling Baby Classes?

Reading to babies from even before they are born has huge benefits. In a world of screen time we want to support you to help your baby or toddler fall in love with books and reading and become a lifelong reader able to unlock all future learning opportunities and enjoy reading for pleasure.

We offer a supportive and friendly community where all new parents and babies are included and supported through our interactive storytelling and sensory baby classes.

Our Sensory Storytelling Baby Classes or Toddler Classes ensure that your child enjoys sensory activities which support their speech and language development, sensory development, physical development, social and emotional development.

All activities are planned in line with the Early Years Curriculum by Early Years experts.

Coleen Rooney loves Adventure Babies classes

“My son has been going to Adventure Babies baby classes for 6 months now and absolutely loves it. He gets so much fun & stimulation from the stories, sensory bags & messy play activities and it has also helped to develop his love of books…”