How do I choose a baby class?

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What makes a great baby class?


As a new parent with a new baby how do you know which baby class is the best one to go for? With so much choice, what factors should you consider important when making this important decision? As a baby class franchisor, class leader and parent I have made a list of my top 5 to help you.


  1. Logistics

Is the class in a place that you can easily attend each week? Does the venue have a carpark or will you be walking? Is there a café nearby to meet up with your new mum friends before or afterwards? The best places have easy access in venues with parking and cafes nearby. Having a baby is tricky at the best of times. Why add a complicated journey or difficult timings to your life when you don’t have to?

  1. Safety

In a world of Covid this is even more important than usual. Your baby is infinitely precious to you. This may be one of the first places that you take them, and it can feel daunting to start with. Check that the venue being used is Covid secure and that your baby class leader has a robust risk assessment updated to include Covid secure rules in place to keep themselves, parents and babies safe.  As you will most likely be sitting on the floor with your baby venues need to be spotless, particularly the floor and toilets. Do the class providers have the correct insurance?

  1. Quality

Are the classes run by a reputable provider who has taken part in baby development training and teaching or coaching training? This will mean that your classes will be taught by a professional and experienced teacher following lesson plans designed to meet the needs of your baby at each stage of their development. It also means that all resources and activities are safe for your baby to explore at their stage of development and therefore you can relax and enjoy the experience.

  1. Variety

Does the baby class you are thinking of attending include many different elements or is it one session of the same thing? Do they focus on language and communication development, physical development, sensory stimulation or all of these things? The best classes to begin with will include a mixture of all of the above aimed for the specific age of your baby.

  1. Communication

In order to find out all of the information that I mentioned you will need to be able to communicate well with the person or group running your classes. If you are going to be paying for a baby class, you may understandably have some questions before you sign up. Do they have an informative website? Do they have a facebook or Instagram page? Can you email or message the person running your classes directly and do they respond to you? A friendly and caring class leader will make sure that you have the best time at the class and also support you as a new parent to make mum and dad friends who can support you on your parenting journey.


So as you can see there is a lot more to picking a baby class than you might have thought but by making a considered decision you will have amazing fun and bonding times with your baby, meet loads of new mum friends, gain support in the development of your baby and make countless memories.


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