The New Normal for Baby Classes

new normal baby classes


Here at Adventure Babies we are embracing a new normal for baby classes. We know how important it is for new parents to get out and about. We also know how much you care about keeping your young family safe. Safety is an important consideration when attending a baby classes. Here are 5 things we are doing to make sure Adventure Babies sensory storytelling classes are Covid secure.


Reduced capacity

We can accommodate a smaller number than usual to our baby classes. This means that gaining a space might be trickier than usual. I recommend booking early and contacting your local Adventure Mama to pop your name on the waiting list if all the spaces are sold out.

Change in layout 

Our layout has changed to ensure that everybody is distanced the whole time. You will have a large matted area all for you and your baby and you can easily access everything you need without coming into contact with anybody else.


We have been working extra hard at Adventure Babies. Everything you or your baby will touch during our baby class has been sanitised and nobody else has touched it.


Despite being distanced at classes and our Adventure Mamas will wear visors to ensure an extra level of safety as they are the ones who will be talking most during the sessions. We are also following government guidance for adults wearing masks within community spaces.


We have slowly started making classes available for toddlers although we were not able to do this initially so if you have or know a toddler who would like to join us please contact your nearest Adventure Mama


As you can see if you have been to our baby classes before things look very different! We have all been working incredible hard behind the scenes to find a way to bring our classes to new parents who may have been without baby classes throughout lockdown. The feedback from parents has been fantastic and we are so happy to be able to see your lovely faces again. Please get in touch if you would like to join us or have any questions 🙂