Our ever expanding, amazing team

 are fully qualified professionals who care deeply about baby & child development. Every Adventure Babies leader is trained to a high standard and is knowledgeable about development in the Early Years.  This means that they are able take an active role in your child’s development when you attend our baby and toddler classes. We have decades of  experience in Early Years education and have been planning and delivering our award winning baby and toddler classes for over seven years!

As a new parent with a new baby our friendly, welcoming award winning baby classes are the perfect place to make mum, dad or baby friends near you and support your babies development.

Let our amazing Adventure Babies crew take a turn in entertaining your baby. Enjoy the bonding experience of snuggling up with a good book, hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling the different characters who tell the story. Explore our sensory activities and take home brilliant ideas to support your baby in their development.

If you have an active toddler our sensory storytelling classes are the perfect place to fall in love with books and reading!

Our storytelling supports the first stage of reading where toddlers gain an understanding of print awareness and the mechanics of how books work.  Adventuring around our sensory activity areas gives opportunity to practice new vocabulary, discuss the story and characters and practice the beginnings of mark making in our messy play tiring out even the most adventurous toddler!

We feel passionately that reading to babies from even before they are born has huge benefits. In a world of screen time we want to support you to help your baby or toddler fall in love with books and reading and become a lifelong reader able to unlock all future learning opportunities and enjoy reading for pleasure.

We offer a supportive and friendly community where all new parents and babies are included and supported through our interactive storytelling and sensory classes.

Benefits for your baby?

  • Create a positive association with books and reading

  • Develop communication skills such as listening and vocabulary

  • Promote social development and thinking skills

  • Support attachment through shared activity

  • Support physical development such as fine and gross motor skills

  • Develop vision, hearing, touch and smell

  • Encourage imagination and a curious, inquiring mind

Benefits for parents?

The structured and supportive environment provides the perfect opportunity to…

  • Take an active role in the development of your baby or child

  • Gain fun, easy ideas to make at home

  • Have fun with your baby or child

  • Enjoy messy play activities without having to clean up

  • Meet other parents

  • Relax!

baby and toddler classes

baby and toddler classes sensory storytelling Hello
I’m Emma and I am the founder of Adventure Babies sensory storytelling classes. Before Adventure Babies I spent 10 years as a dedicated, ambitious and successful primary school teacher gaining experience and knowledge of child development and taking on whole school senior leadership responsibilities. I love teaching, love working with children and have a real passion for baby and child development.
The first five years of a child’s life are so crucial to their development that after having my son I knew I needed to find a way of combining my passion for teaching and learning but also spending time being a mummy and providing a new opportunity for families across the U.K

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Emma x