About Adventure Babies

Take your little one on an adventure!

Each week transport your baby to another world. Multi award winning themed adventures begin with an interactive story telling session and are followed by exciting sensory activities including messy play 

Adventure Babies founder, Emma Garbett, is extremely passionate about developing future readers! Reading well and with enjoyment, is a skill that unlocks opportunities in school and in later life.  By placing this importance on reading, we show babies and young children that reading is enjoyable & important, therefore hopefully creating budding future readers!

Amazingly, by the time your baby is one your baby will already know all of the sounds needed to speak their native language. By coming along to Adventure Babies we ensure that your baby will have opportunities to build these vital communication skills along with many ideas to take home with you too.

What benefits will it have for my baby?

  • Create a positive association with books and reading

  • Develop communication skills such as listening and vocabulary

  • Promote social development and thinking skills

  • Support attachment through shared activity

  • Support physical development such as fine and gross motor skills

  • Develop vision, hearing, touch and smell

  • Encourage imagination and a curious, inquiring mind

What benefits will it have for me?

The structured and supportive environment provides the perfect opportunity to…

  • Take an active role in the development of your baby or child

  • Gain fun, easy ideas to make at home

  • Have fun with your baby or child

  • Enjoy messy play activities without having to clean up

  • Meet other parents

  • Relax!

I’m Emma and I am the founder of Adventure Babies story sensory adventures. Before starting Adventure Babies I spent 10 years as a dedicated, ambitious and successful primary school teacher gaining experience and knowledge of child development and taking on whole school senior leadership responsibilities. I love teaching, love working with children and have a real passion for child development.
The first five years of a child’s life are so crucial to their development that after having my son I knew I needed to find a way of combining my passion for teaching and learning but also spending time being a mummy and providing a new opportunity for families accross the U.K

Emma x