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At what age should I start bringing my baby to Adventure Babies?
Hi New Mum,
I hope you are ok. You have just been through the most crazy, weird, demanding, rewarding and emotional experience of your life! Well done warrior woman. I salute you.
People attend our baby classes for many different reasons. Some people are excited to get out of the house from day one, riding high on the endorphins and superwoman vibe that sometimes accompanies creating a small human. We are here for you. Some are desperate for mum friends sensing that the support network they make in our groups will help them with the other overwhelming feelings of anxiety, isolation and depression that can creep up on new mums. We are here for you. Some are not ready to join groups until their babies are a bit older. We are still here for you. 
  • No baby is too young to join in at Adventure babies, we welcome babies from newborn and have a special group for our non mobile youngest adventurers.
  • As soon as you feel ready to leave the house and meet other mum and dad friends is the best time to join our classes. The benefits of getting out and about are not just for your baby.
  • Whatever you choose to do Adventure Babies are here for you, we have classes for non moving tiny babies, bigger mobile babies and toddlers with activities designed to meet their different developmental needs.
  • From even their first month babies are developing at a fast rate. Our new baby classes are very gentle but include a wealth of activities required to support their development right from day one.

Take care new mama, you are doing amazingly, we look forward to meeting your baby when you are ready.

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Emma x