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How do we make Tummy Time even more fun at Adventure Babies?

Tummy time, that adorable practice of placing your baby on their belly while awake and supervised, is more than just a cute photo opportunity—it’s a vital building block for your baby’s healthy development. The benefits of tummy time extend across various domains, starting with the physical. As babies lift their heads and strengthen neck muscles […]

Why is Socialisation Important for Your Baby?

Socialisation is crucial for babies as it plays a significant role in their overall development. Find out why we think that socialisation is so important for your baby? Emotional Development: Interacting with others helps babies develop emotional intelligence. They learn to recognise and respond to facial expressions, gestures, and tones of voice. Positive social experiences […]

Parenting Hacks

Parenting superheroes, gather ’round! 🚀 Let’s talk about the game-changers, sanity-savers, and downright magical tricks that make this parenting gig a tad easier! 🤹‍♀️✨ Parenting hacks are like the secret sauce that turns chaos into slightly coordinated chaos. We do not lack information on “how-to parent.” People often joke that our children don’t come with […]

How to Support Baby Social Development

While babies may not engage in friendships in the same way older children or adults do, having positive social interactions with other babies or toddlers can be beneficial for baby social development. Here’s why: Socialisation Skills: Interacting with other babies provides valuable opportunities for socialization. Babies learn by observing and imitating others, and these early […]

Best Christmas Gift for Baby

It’s been so much fun making and sending out our latest batch of mini parachutes! Our personal Adventure Babies parachutes make the best Christmas gift for baby or toddler for so many brilliant reasons…. Sensory Development: Parachute play engages a child’s senses. The feel of the parachute fabric, the movement of air, and the visual […]

Sensory Storytelling for Your Toddler

If you’ve ever wondered why sensory storytelling is the unsung hero in the toddler playbook, grab a cup of coffee and settle in because we’re about to dive into the enchanting world of toddlers and their sensory adventures. Igniting Imagination: Picture this: your little one is whisked away on a sensory rollercoaster by us at […]