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Messy Play for Babies

Why do we get messy at Adventure Babies?   I often get asked about what the benefits of Messy Play are for Babies… Messy play is always an important part of our Adventure Babies sensory storytelling classes but for many new parents it can seem daunting. Why do we place such an importance on messy play […]

The New Normal for Baby Classes

  Here at Adventure Babies we are embracing a new normal for baby classes. We know how important it is for new parents to get out and about. We also know how much you care about keeping your young family safe. Safety is an important consideration when attending a baby classes. Here are 5 things […]


How do I choose a baby class?

What makes a great baby class?   As a new parent with a new baby how do you know which baby class is the best one to go for? With so much choice, what factors should you consider important when making this important decision? As a baby class franchisor, class leader and parent I have […]

5 ways to make reading to your baby count

We all know that reading books to your baby is extremely beneficial providing precious bonding time, learning new words gaining knowledge about the world but what can you do to make the most of this precious time? Point to pictures and say the words, lots of learning can be done through a book. Animal names […]

New Mum

At what age should I start bringing my baby to Adventure Babies? Hi New Mum, I hope you are ok. You have just been through the most crazy, weird, demanding, rewarding and emotional experience of your life! Well done warrior woman. I salute you. People attend our baby classes for many different reasons. Some people […]

The Original Adventure Babies

Where are they now? This is a shout out to all the mums of the babies and toddlers who came to my Sensory Storytelling Adventure Babies classes back in 2013 and 2014! Were you a new mum in Manchester who came to my classes with your firstborn baby? I hope you are all safe and […]