Baby Brain

Baby Brain

Baby Brain!

You must have heard this term tossed around in conversations but what exactly is it and what causes it?

I once hid in the kitchen because somebody was hammering on my door at 11pm only to realise after the event that is was the supermarket home delivery order that I had completely forgotten about 😬 how ridiculous looking back on it. Maybe you have found your keys in the fridge or sent the wrong sibling to a children’s birthday party.

We would love to hear the entertaining stories of how baby brain has affected you!

Now for the nitty gritty…. So baby brain describes the cognitive changes that new and expectant mums experience. These changes usually manifest as forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating , absent mindedness and sometimes feeling foggy. Don’t worry- all if this is normal! Lucky us🍀

Apparently several factors are responsible for this phenomenon such as hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, emotional and mental load along with prioritisation of tasks changing.

But not fear there are ways you can help your ‘baby brain’ first of all prioritise self care, organise and delegate, exercise your brain, stay socially connected by maintaining a strong support network, consume a well balanced diet, understand that this is temporary and not be too hard on yourself!

Try to embrace this period with patience and self compassion along with a proactive approach to maintaining your mental well-being. Hang out with other baby brainers at one of our Adventure Babies classes and share stories, it will reassure you that this happens to us all 🙂

You are doing an amazing job and this will pass!