How to enjoy a Covid Christmas with your new baby

first Christmas with your new baby

How to enjoy a Covid Christmas with your new baby


Christmas is going to be different this year. Here are our top tips for new parents to help you enjoy this Christmas period with your new baby. Fewer social engagements and less time with extended family are going to be hard for many, it’s also a great chance to try something new and as new parents establish some of your own traditions for your baby’s first Christmas.


Becoming a parent in 2020 means you might have had less help and support, becoming parents is hard at the best of times so please make sure you give yourself the break you deserve. This is a great year to try new traditions.  If you don’t fancy cooking order a takeaway. If you don’t fancy cleaning, treat yourself to a pre or post Christmas cleaner.  Try your best to enlist the people you are with to make sure that you have time for yourself, to recoup and recharge, ready for next year. Spend some time thinking about what you would like to enjoy and I promise your baby will benefit from a happy, well rested parent.



Enjoy the fact that there is less pressure to run around taking your baby and all the equipment they need to several different houses over this festive period. Often essential things are forgotten, babies are tired, routines are non existent, sleeping in unfamiliar places, long car journeys and being passed from one long lost relative to the next. This can all add up to a tiring and stressful Christmas for new babies and new parents. Being in one place will be so much more relaxing. You will know where everything is and know that your baby won’t be missing anything essential.



Christmas is a fantastic sensory experience for babies. Make the most of decorating your house, maybe decorate a window for others in your community to enjoy. Wrap up warm and take your baby out in a sling to look at all of the lovely lights. You could try making a playlist to sing along to with your baby.  Ask each member of your family to suggest a song and tell you why they have chosen it. There are endless opportunities to  explore sights, smells, sounds, tastes and textures at Christmas time. You will put a smile on your baby’s face and make some magical moments which is what Christmas as a new parent is all about really.



Scale back, lower expectations, save money and decide on a game plan for what is important to you. Don’t think that you have to do everything this year. Are you excited about festive food, learning new recipes and trying new things or are you going to spend your time catching up with friends and family on Zoom? Is it about giving special gifts to those you can’t see this year or are you in need of some time, headspace and self care? It is very easy to say yes to far too many exciting things at Christmas but one positive of this year is that it will be easier to say no meaning you don’t become overfrazzled.



Take the time to consider the amazing achievement of the past year. Not only have you brought a brand new human into the world but you have survived a pandemic and many other challenges i’m sure! Lockdown has been so hard for parents of babies, toddlers and pre school children for so many reasons but you have done amazingly! We know it is an incredible and memorable year when you become a new parent.


Christmas is a time for families to come together and it will be difficult this year not being able to do that. There will be many years ahead to celebrate with your family so we have focused on the positives of enjoying a quieter first Christmas with your new baby.


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