Why is reading to babies so important? Learn about the benefits of reading to babies as well as tips on ensuring your storytelling is at the right level for the age of your baby.

Well it has been a rocky ride of a year for Adventure Babies to say the least. There have been enormous lows this year. Mainly in not being able to deliver our sensory storytelling classes for large parts of the year. There have also been fantastic highs. We haven’t sat around feeling sorry for ourselves… (too much) we have been working on some exciting new things to share with you!

Something that I have been aiming towards for a long time is having our own children’s story books and finally somehow through this year we have begun! We have the first book in our series available to buy. It is called The Night Time Rainbow and tells the story of a penguin and the friends he meets along the way on his adventure to find the Northern Lights. It is a lovely book written and illustrated by Daniel Thorogood who is also the fantastic person who makes all of our lovely bespoke props and it is available to buy here in our shop!

Watch this space for the next book in our series and if you fancy adventuring along to this one we have online classes at the moment until we are allowed to start back again and physical classes as soon as we can. From April you will be able to catch us at the Natural History Museum where Helen will be bringing this one to life for a lucky crew of intrepid adventurers…..


picture book penguin

We all know that reading books to your baby is extremely beneficial providing precious bonding time, learning new words gaining knowledge about the world but what can you do to make the most of this precious time?

  1. Point to pictures and say the words, lots of learning can be done through a book. Animal names and noises, colours and counting just for starters.
  2. Talk with your baby about the story; don’t just read the words. The key is to increase interaction. If your baby makes noises or points to something in the book stop and talk about it.
  3. Go for board books. This means your baby can interact physically with the book using their hands and mouth which are favourite ways to explore. They will learn the mechanics of reading early on and board books are easier for them to turn the pages of. Also by keeping books within your baby’s reach they can choose them as they would choose toys.
  4. Keep it interesting by varying your voice and using different voices for different characters. This helps babies to understand the back and forward exchanges of a conversation more clearly.
  5. Choose books with bright pictures and tactile sections. books with different textures, scents and sounds all help expand learning opportunities as we know that babies learn through their senses! Or even better use on of our sensory storytelling kits for home or come along to an Adventure Babies class!


There are countless benefits to building a love of reading but by being a reading role model for your baby and making reading a fun and enjoyable experience for you both will have a budding future reader with all of the knowledge of the world at their fingertips!

Where are they now? This is a shout out to all the mums of the babies and toddlers who came to my Sensory Storytelling Adventure Babies classes back in 2013 and 2014! Were you a new mum in Manchester who came to my classes with your firstborn baby? I hope you are all safe and well. I have so many fond memories of that time through the haze of parenting myself I created a baby class business which was so well supported by local businesses such as Claire at Pram Active The Founders of Our Kid in Manchester by all my friends particularly Chantel at Conker Crew and many of my first customers from Adventure Babies South Manchester. A big massive shout out and thank you to you guys for supporting me to do something that I love and I am still doing now!

What I wonder is what are your 5, 6 and 7 year olds like now? With lockdown and homeschooling it has really focused my attention on my children. Do they love reading as much as I hoped they would? Well it’s a struggle some days to get the homeschooling going if i’m perfectly honest but I think of all the tasks from school reading is my sons favourite.

During this tumultuous time for small business I would love to hear your memories from our time at Adventure Babies and even more I would love to hear about your children. What are they reading? Do they love books? What do they love doing? Did we help them fall in love with books and reading? Big Love Emma x


Adventurers unite for a reading adventure this summer!

You can book now for our ‘Summer Specials’ classes with exciting new books to discover.
Courses and one off classes will be running throughout the summer holidays suitable for adventurers big and small.

New adventures await in Essex and Portsmouth.

We are so excited to have new classes running in both Essex and Portsmouth with two new amazing class leaders.

Our class leader Lisa in Portsmouth says; “I want to help other families enjoy some story-telling and sensory time together, but groups are for the parents as well as the kids!”

and Victoria in Essex; “My teaching experience and my experiences as a Mum have taught me the importance of reading and the magic of storytelling. I can not wait to have you join me on our interactive storytelling adventures!”

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