5 ways to make reading to your baby count

reading to your baby

We all know that reading books to your baby is extremely beneficial providing precious bonding time, learning new words gaining knowledge about the world but what can you do to make the most of this precious time?

  1. Point to pictures and say the words, lots of learning can be done through a book. Animal names and noises, colours and counting just for starters.
  2. Talk with your baby about the story; don’t just read the words. The key is to increase interaction. If your baby makes noises or points to something in the book stop and talk about it.
  3. Go for board books. This means your baby can interact physically with the book using their hands and mouth which are favourite ways to explore. They will learn the mechanics of reading early on and board books are easier for them to turn the pages of. Also by keeping books within your baby’s reach they can choose them as they would choose toys.
  4. Keep it interesting by varying your voice and using different voices for different characters. This helps babies to understand the back and forward exchanges of a conversation more clearly.
  5. Choose books with bright pictures and tactile sections. books with different textures, scents and sounds all help expand learning opportunities as we know that babies learn through their senses! Or even better use on of our sensory storytelling kits for home or come along to an Adventure Babies class!


There are countless benefits to building a love of reading but by being a reading role model for your baby and making reading a fun and enjoyable experience for you both will have a budding future reader with all of the knowledge of the world at their fingertips!