Well it has been a rocky ride of a year for Adventure Babies to say the least. There have been enormous lows this year. Mainly in not being able to deliver our sensory storytelling classes for large parts of the year. There have also been fantastic highs. We haven’t sat around feeling sorry for ourselves… (too much) we have been working on some exciting new things to share with you!

Something that I have been aiming towards for a long time is having our own children’s story books and finally somehow through this year we have begun! We have the first book in our series available to buy. It is called The Night Time Rainbow and tells the story of a penguin and the friends he meets along the way on his adventure to find the Northern Lights. It is a lovely book written and illustrated by Daniel Thorogood who is also the fantastic person who makes all of our lovely bespoke props and it is available to buy here in our shop!

Watch this space for the next book in our series and if you fancy adventuring along to this one we have online classes at the moment until we are allowed to start back again and physical classes as soon as we can. From April you will be able to catch us at the Natural History Museum where Helen will be bringing this one to life for a lucky crew of intrepid adventurers…..


picture book penguin