How to Support your Baby’s Development

How to Support your Baby's Development

How to support your baby’s development –


In this short blog piece, we’re going to give you some great tips on what we think are the best ways to support your baby’s development through fun activities you can do at home and also whilst out and about.


Read to Support your baby’s Development

Reading to your little one has so many benefits. Your baby learns all of the sounds it needs to produce its native language before they reach 12 months old! How crazy is that!? Therefore, what better way to teach them about their new language than reading a good book. Reading can provide your little one with comfort, confidence, relaxation, and happiness as well as it being fun! Giving your child your undivided attention while you cuddle up together and read a story shows them that you have time for them. Not only does reading feed their imagination and ever building vocabulary but studies show it can also improve your child’s sleep too!


For small children singing teaches them about rhythm and rhyme as well as explaining their new found vocabulary in a creative way. Many nursery rhymes have a lot of repartitions in their choruses and verses which is great for making them memorable. It also promotes confidence and self-esteem ultimately making your little ones happy. Singing is an inclusive activity that can be enjoyed by everyone which also promotes social inclusion helping your little ones develop their social skills though music and song.


Talking to your baby should be part of your daily routine. Commentating on what you’re doing, such as, getting dressed or making their breakfast. Explain to them what you are doing when you’re doing it. It might feel silly at first but your little one will soon learn the routine and they will love hearing your voice telling them what’s going on. Another great way to build their vocabulary is to have a two way conversation with them, as it’s not all about filling their heads with words but also giving them the time to respond. If they’re babbling or cooing wait for them to finish what they are saying and then respond with what you think they may have been telling you. It’s a great way to encourage their voice and build their confidence.


Giving your little one as many new experiences as possible will really support your baby’s development. At adventure Babies, our sessions are filled with books, songs, sensory and messy play, bubbles, lights and so much more! Join an adventure babies class today and give your baby an amazing new experience and maybe make some mum mates too!


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