Is it your Baby’s First Christmas?

is it Your Baby's First Christmas

Is it your Baby’s First Christmas?

In the run up to your baby’s first Christmas we’d love to give you some tips and ideas on how you can provide a magical experience for your baby whilst also reducing waste and helping your bank account this festive season.

We all know it’s an expensive time of year, especially with little ones. You want to give them the very best of everything but does that really mean buying ALL the toys?

Here at Adventure Babies we have found some great ways to help you celebrate in style but not fill your house with unsustainable, brightly coloured plastic and hopefully, not break the bank either.

Decorate your tree with handmade decorations

What could be more satisfying than helping your little one make their own decoration for the tree? You don’t have to go all out on expensive “fill your own bauble” kits (although they do look swish), you can simply grab a piece of wood or carboard and make a handprint/footprint decoration for the diddy babes, or for the older ones, get the glitter out and let them decorate it themselves. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching your babe hang their own creation on the tree with pride!


Buy second-hand

This time of year is the perfect time for people to have clear outs in the run up to Christmas, knowing that their house will soon be filled with new chaos that the extended family have sent. Therefore, it’s a great time to get yourself on ebay, vinted, facebook marketplace or down to the local charity shop. You’re sure to find some gems at less than half the price of a new item and some will barely have been played with too!



Ask for a membership or a term of Adventure Babies!

Grandparents are always desperate to get their grandchildren everything they want for Christmas, so why not ask for an Adventure Babies Gift Card or a yearly membership to your favourite day out place. Things like The National Trust, Stately homes, farms and zoos have great deals if you sign up for the year and then you can enjoy the place or activity again and again. If you come along to Adventure Babies you can be sure to have many memorable moments and pictures to share with whomever gifted the course to you.


Join your local toy library

Get to bring home new toys all year round, then give them back when you’re done with them. It’s such a great idea and you can generally borrow huge toys which you’re not wanting to commit to forever. Things such as sensory lights, climbing frames and soft play items can often be loaned from toy libraries so why not look up your local one today.


Is it your Baby’s First Christmas?

We would love to hear from you with more ideas on how to reduce the festive waste this year on your baby’s first Christmas. If you’ve got a great tip send it to us at