Rolling Over: A Joyous Milestone on the Horizon for Your 3-Month-Old

Rolling over

Rolling Over: A Joyous Milestone on the Horizon for Your 3-Month-Old”


Hello there, mums of adorable 3-month-olds! It’s truly an exciting time in your baby’s development, and one of the most eagerly anticipated milestones is when they start to roll over. While each baby is unique and will reach this milestone at their own pace, there are some general guidelines to keep in mind.


Rolling over is typically achieved between 4 to 6 months of age, but many babies show signs of readiness around 3 months. Here are some signs that your little one might be gearing up to roll over:


Increased Core Strength: Watch for signs of improved neck and head control. Your baby might start lifting their head during tummy time.


Enhanced Limb Movement: As they discover their limbs, your baby might begin to kick and wiggle more during playtime.


Frequent Attempts: Some babies may start making initial attempts to roll from their back to their tummy or vice versa.


So, how can you help your precious one reach this exciting milestone?


Tummy Time: Place your baby on their tummy for short, supervised periods daily. This helps build the essential muscles needed for rolling.


Use Toys and Mirrors: Place colourful toys or a mirror within their line of sight during tummy time to pique their interest and encourage movement.


Give Them Space: Create a safe and open space for your baby to explore. Lay them on a soft, clean floor with no obstructions, which can motivate them to move around.


Cheer and Encourage: Praise and support your baby as they attempt to roll over. Your smiles, claps, and words of encouragement can boost their confidence.


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Avoid Overwhelming Your Baby: Remember that every baby is different, and some may take longer than others to roll over. Be patient and let them progress at their own pace.


The journey to rolling over is a remarkable one, filled with curiosity and growth. Your baby’s determination and the loving environment you provide will ensure they reach this milestone when they’re ready. Enjoy these precious moments, and don’t forget to capture them on camera – they grow up so fast!


Keep in mind that if you ever have concerns about your baby’s development, don’t hesitate to consult with your GP Every baby is unique, and they’ll achieve this milestone at their own pace. Enjoy this magical time with your little one!

Rolling over