Keeping Your Baby Cool

keeping you baby cool in the heat

Top Tips for keeping your baby cool in the heat

We’ve all heard that the weather is going to be unprecedented over the next few days so here are some tips from Tommys and NHS England for keeping your baby cool in the heat.

☀️Try to keep the room as cool as possible
☀️ If you have a fan, pop a bottle of frozen water or bowl of ice in front of it so it cools the air as it moves.
☀️ Do not be afraid to leave your baby to sleep in only a nappy if it is hot in the room
☀️ When checking your baby’s temperature, feel their chest or the back of their neck as their hands and feet will be cooler than the rest of their body.
☀️Use factor 50 or higher sun cream on babies over the age of 6 months. Babies under 6 months should be kept in the shade or should wear a hat to shade them if you are walking about.
☀️Regularly check your baby’s temperature and be prepared that they may need feeding a little more often.
☀️Run them a cool bath before bedtime.


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For more information or the full articles go to –
NHS England


Stay cool out there mamas – we’ve got this 🙌