Developmental Milestones: Grasping

developmental milestones: Grasping

Developmental Milestones: Grasping

This is an exciting developmental milestone because it allows babies to grasp their toys and so take part in their own play!


Grasping at 0-2 Months

Reflex grasping…. cute! Babies at this age usually have their fists usually clenched or gripping onto your finger!



Grasping at 3-4 months

Hand to eye coordination and muscles are developing

Babies will begin to reach for things or bat at dangling objects


Grasping 4-8 months

Babies will pick up large objects but won’t let them go. They will start passing objects from one hand to another or shaking items for cause and effect.

Babies will enjoy using their raking grip and will now be trying to put objects into their mouth!


Grasping at 9-12 months

Baby will enjoy dropping and giving objects to people now. They will develop pincer grip for small objects and will enjoy banging objects together loudly!



Once this developmental milestone of grasping is nailed…. What comes next? Well, stacking and sorting, and then next thing your baby will want to do is throwing!


At Adventure Babies we encourage this developmental milestone, grasping, through using lots of different exciting high quality sensory objects.  We use items that are easy for babies to hold on to and provide an interesting mix of textures to stimulate a sense of vision & touch. We encourage parents to move items so you’re your baby uses their eyes to track objects developing their vision, and work on their hand to eye coordination to calculate how to actually get hold of things.


Of course, all babies develop at their own rate so if your baby is not sticking to this timeline is not a problem!


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