Five Great Sensory Activities for Home

sensory activities for babies at home

Five Great Sensory Activities for Home

During the pandemic we moved all of our classes online and it was amazing how many brilliant Sensory Activities for Home Adventure Babies came up with and you parents joined in with at home. It is always helpful to have an activitiy on hand for when you need to change the mood or when you are fed up of your babies regular toys.

Here is a list of our top 5 easy peasy sensory fun at home activities

  1. Sensory Bottles

This is a great one for babies and also means that you are reusing plastic bottles. Fill a small plastic bottle with water and add in other interesting items. This could be glitter, food colouring, beads, small plastic animals, plastic confetti etc. Encourage your baby to roll the bottle, shake the bottle and talk about the colours and the items inside with them. A drop of gorilla glue to secure the lid will mean that even bigger babies cannot get the tops off.


  1. Squishy Pat Mats

These mats are brilliant for encouraging tummy time! Find a sandwich bag, Polly pocket or plastic zip lock bag. Strengthen the seams with duct tape, fill the bag with cheap hair gel or shaving foam, add some small brightly coloured items such as buttons or glitter (nothing that will poke a hole in the bag!) duct tape the top entrance several times and let your baby use their hands, feet or fingers to squish the contents.

  1. Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are good things to make at home. Fill a shallow box or tray (shoebox or baking tray are fab) with a thin layer of rice and find several interesting household objects that your baby will enjoy exploring. Natural objects are lovely to use so anything wooden, metal or cotton. Just make sure that these are big enough that a baby would not be able to fit them inside their mouth. Talk to your baby about what they can feel and see inside the box.

  1. Potion

Great for a sunny day. We always love making a potion in our house. A shallow tray or dish is perfect. Add some water but you only really need enough for baby to make a splash. Add some brightly coloured flower heads, strands of long grass or leaves that your baby will enjoy trying to pick up from the water. You can help them to smell the flowers, talk about the colours and tickle them with the grass.

  1. Rice Shakers

Add a few spoons of dry rice, dried pasta, longer dried spaghetti to a small empty plastic bottle. Show your baby how to play with this shaking it and rolling it to make a sound. Babies will love the cause and effect that they create.


These sensory activities for home are quick ways to have a few minutes of fun with your baby and support their development at the same time. You don’t need any special equipment just use what you have at home. Use the play time as a chance to talk to your baby introducing new words for colours, sounds, textures etc. Follow their lead and please always make sure that your baby is playing with these home-made sensory toys under grown up supervision. You can then pop these safely away and your baby will look forward to playing with them again soon!


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