Adventure Babies Sensory Storytelling Classes are the best!

Adventure Babies Sensory Storytelling Baby Development Classes

Did you know that we have been running for nearly 9 years now? That is amazing, I can’t believe how quickly time has raced by!


We always get told that our classes are waaaay the best baby development class around by parents who attend, and I will tell you why….


When I started Adventure Babies, I really didn’t want to copy another class. I saw what people did and tried to add something different to the baby class industry, an original idea that would benefit babies and their adults! I know that I did that because there were no sensory storytelling classes AT ALL then.


The other thing I wanted to do was just make our classes as brilliant as possible so that parents were getting something worthwhile and good value. We concentrated on having amazing original ideas and resources and then worked so hard to make every parent and baby feel valued so that our classes were amazing, fun and provided great value.


I love teaching; I have always been a teacher because I really care about helping children to develop. I personally couldn’t continue teaching to the standard I wanted to and be a good mum too. I didn’t start Adventure Babies to become a big business and over market an average idea or copy a business from somebody else. I really care about the experience that parents and babies have in our classes. Maybe that is why word of mouth has led to so many of our bookings.


Anyway, I guess I’m really proud of where Adventure Babies has travelled in the last (nearly) 9 years and I can’t wait to see where it goes next! Thank you for your support everybody and for keeping telling us that we are the best baby development class xx


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