As a new mum, what are you excited about with the changing season?

New Mum Autumn

As a new mum, like many people, you might be getting excited about various aspects of Autumn.

Below are some of our favourite things…


Cooler Weather: Autumn often brings relief from the heat of summer. You can be excited about being able to dress their baby in cute, cozy outfits without worrying about overheating.

Autumn Fashion: Do you enjoy shopping for adorable Autumn-themed clothing for your baby, including Halloween costumes, warm sweaters, and tiny boots.

Outdoor Activities: Autumn is a great time to take babies for walks in pushchairs or baby carriers. The crisp air and beautiful colourful foliage can provide a lovely backdrop for these outings.

Harvest Festivals: Some new mums may look forward to taking their babies to local harvest festivals, pumpkin patches, or apple orchards. These activities can be enjoyable family outings.

Seasonal Foods: Autumn brings a variety of delicious seasonal foods, so you might get excited about introducing your baby to new flavours like pumpkin puree, apple sauce, or sweet potato baby food.

Autumn Decoration: Decorating the home for Autumn with pumpkins, leaves, and other seasonal items can be fun, and you might want to involve baby in the process.

Festive Activities: Autumn often comes with various festive activities like carving pumpkins, making handprint or footprint crafts, or participating in fancy dress parties with their little ones.

Cosy Evenings: As the nights get cooler, parents might look forward to snuggling up with their babies by the fireplace or under warm blankets for some quality bonding time.

Baby’s Milestones: For parents with newborns or infants, every season brings new milestones and developments. Autumn might be a time for their baby’s first Halloween costume or the introduction of solid foods.


Enjoy the season ahead as a new mum and create special memories!