Sleep regression

sleep regression

Sleep Regression! What is it, what can you do about it and how to get through it!

If the words ‘Sleep Regression’ fill you with fear and making you want to run for the hills hold tight mama.  Sleep Regression makes it sound like the opposite of progress is happening but actually you are wrong!

Think progress.

Your baby is growing physically or neurologicaly distracting them from going to sleep!


What is it?

Sleep regression is the time when your baby’s sleep patterns shift, they wake up often during the night, and they have a hard time going back to sleep. And if your baby is awake, so are you.


What causes sleep regression?

Experts explain that sleep regressions usually happen for two reasons: a developmental leap or a shift in nap schedules and overall sleep needs. When it comes to development, 8-month-olds are doing a lot. At this age, many babies are learning to scoot, crawl, and pull themselves up.


What age do babies experience sleep regression?

Sadly, sleep regressions can occur at any age, including 4 months, 6 months, 8 months, 18 months and 2 years. The 12-month sleep regression occurs at or near baby’s first birthday, though some children begin regressing at 10 or 11 months.


How long does a it last?

How long does sleep regression last? Baby sleep regressions usually last about two to four weeks — the time for your little one to get used to a new routine or milestone or to recover from an illness — although the exact duration depends on the cause and can vary from baby to baby.


What can I do to get through it?

These are natural developmental periods in your baby’s life that are helping them to grow, mature and develop but the following tips might help…

Remind yourself that this will pass

Give your baby the chance to self-settle, watching for cues that they are tired before putting them down to sleep.

Keep up with good sleeping routines

Call in the troops, It’s not easy to mum day and night managing tiredness on top of tiredness. Ask for help from friends and parents when possible or even pay somebody to help during the day or overnight occasionally if you can’t gain the help elsewhere

Come along to Adventure Babies, chat to others parents going through the same or similar, wear your baby out with sensory storytelling fun and enjoy a coffee afterwards!