Parenting Hacks

Parenting Hacks from Adventure Babies

Parenting superheroes, gather ’round! 🚀 Let’s talk about the game-changers, sanity-savers, and downright magical tricks that make this parenting gig a tad easier! 🤹‍♀️✨ Parenting hacks are like the secret sauce that turns chaos into slightly coordinated chaos.

We do not lack information on “how-to parent.” People often joke that our children don’t come with manuals, but the truth is, we have so much information at our fingertips that we can easily become overwhelmed by all of the (often contradicting) expert opinions out there.

These are our Adventure Babies top tips so far… But here’s the deal: the real magic happens when we share our genius ideas! 🌈✨ So, fellow adventurers, spill the beans! What’s your go-to parenting hack? Let’s create a treasure trove of wisdom to make this wild ride even more fantastic!

  1. Listen to a family story or podcast during lunchtime
  2. Share highlights and low points during dinner time
  3. Use a predictable pattern to meal planning e.g. meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday etc
  4. Let slightly older children use your phone to create how to videos of basic jobs like clean their teeth
  5. Try an indoor picnic for a fun teatime on a rainy day
  6. Write letters of postcards to loved ones to fill an afternoon, you could have an envelope area and a stamp station
  7. Forgo as many presents and buy a family membership to a loved local attraction
  8. Set a 20 min timer for nap time and get as many chores done as you can during that time. After that relax for a while.
  9. Kitchen dance parties are usually a cure for even the worst of moods
  10. Rotate toys periodically so that playtime remains fresh and fun.
  11. Use a hair-tie as a soft door close tool by hooking it around both door handles to cover the latch (so it doesn’t wake a light-sleeper up when you open and close the door).
  12. Keep a supply kit in your car boot: extra clothes for everyone, socks for soft play or trampolining places, snacks, water, nappies, sunlotion, and first aid supplies.

Go Parents…… we can’t wait to hear yours…