I guess that if you are reading this then you are a mother. What does motherhood even mean? Creating and birthing a child from your body, adopting a child, and then raising them? The most overwhelming, life changing decision we could ever make, to embark upon that journey. To become a mother. A decision perhaps taken so lightly and flippantly, to become a mother, when we look back on it. A choice that isn’t a choice, innate within us. Or for more women than you think, a journey frustratingly painful and seemingly unachievable at times.

It will change you
I used to be brave. I used to ride roller coasters, jump out of planes, drive fast, take risks. Not anymore. Motherhood demands a different type of brave, taking away some of the urge to take unnecessary risks in my case. The weight of responsibility is huge. Keeping your tiny human alive is a terrifying thing to comprehend and it doesn’t really dawn on you until they are there in your arms for the first time.

It will strengthen you
There are times, many times, when you think that motherhood will break you. Unknowing how deep your reserves are until that moment. The patience, compassion, love, the grit. You find yourself doing things you never thought possible. On the most basic level, everything will be now be done one handed. Discovering a love and passion on a level never before experienced. The fierceness of motherhood and feeling invincible morphs you into wonder woman at times.

It will exhaust you
A 24 hour a day job for the rest of the year… no, your life. Never stopping thinking, googling, playing, running, making, organising, planning, helping… mumming.

It will undoubtedly be the best thing you have ever done
Never before has my life had such a strong sense of purpose and never before have my feeling been so raw and honest. My heart is now running around outside my body, not at all in my control. It’s the best of the best and the worst of the worst sometimes all in the same 10 seconds.

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